St. Kateri Tekakwitha Aboriginal Catholic Parish

We are an Aboriginal Christian Community in Winnipeg. We witness to the continued faithfulness of God today! We seek out and empower the hurting, lonely, and hungry people, so that they discover their dignity, their giftedness, and their power from within! We reach out and heal broken relationships!

As a sign of God’s continued faithfulness with us today, and as a means of witnessing, praying, and caring for one another, we gather together in small Christian communities! We believe in the Great Spirit who calls us to be faithful to who we are and to the Good News shared with us through Jesus Christ.

The Story of St. Kateri Tekakwitha Parish
(A bird’s eye view)

• 1950’s There is a growing number of Indigenous people moving into the City of Winnipeg.
• 1957 The Oblates at Sacre-Coeur Parish and Volunteers serve the Indigenous People’s spiritual and physical needs.
• 1962 The Oblates and the Archdiocese of Winnipeg decide to open Bosco Centre at 87 Isabel Street. Its official name was St. John Bosco Cultural Centre.
• 1963 The Faith Community celebrates its first Christmas midnight Mass at Bosco Centre.
• 1968 Bosco Centre with other organizations continue to offer a variety of services for the many needs of the Indigenous people.
Bosco’s name is changed to St. John Bosco Centre.
• 1970’s The Winnipeg Free Press publishes an article entitled “Bosco Centre helps Thousands”.
• 1975 Unrest regarding the role of Bosco Centre and other social agencies. The Centre is closed.
• 1978 Sister Florence Leduc, of the “Western Peoples’ Pastoral Council” meets with member of Bosco Centre. The message to the Bishop from these meetings was “The People want their own Church.” The Superior of the Oblates meets with Cardinal Flahiff and there is an agreement to work for this to happen. In the meantime, the Oblates, some sisters, and volunteers continue to use the Bosco Centre to tend to the spiritual needs of the Indigenous People.
• 1979 In the summer, Sacre-Coeur Parish agrees to house the Native Mission. The church is shared for Liturgies and office space is provided.
• 1981 In the Fall, Cardinal Flahiff celebrates Mass and has Confirmation for members of the Native Mission. The Mission is given its name, Kateri Tekakwitha Mission.
• 1990 Sacre-Coeur Church and Bosco Centre are sold.
• 1991 Through the fundraising and hard work of pioneers enough money was raised to make a down payment on a church building at 794 Ellice Avenue. The 1st Mass was celebrated on August 1st, 1991. On September 22nd , Archbishop Exner came toWinnipeg to bless the church for Kateri Tekakwitha Parish.
• 2001 On May 6th , 2001, Archbishop Weisgerber celebrated Mass at our Parish and had the “mortgage burning” ceremony.
• 2007 The Missionary Oblates leave the Parish due to lack of personnel. Kateri Parish becomes a Diocesan Church. Diocesan Priests and Foreign Missionaries serve the Parish.
• 2015 The Missionary Oblate Team returns to Kateri.